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Liber Limbia
Liber Limbia airs every Saturday 8pm-12am EST (2pm-6pm HST) on Radio Alchemy - Big Island Internet Radio. Check us out here: http://radioalchemykona.com
Category: Freeform
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by Liber Limbia
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September 18, 2017 07:26 PM PDT

Live high. Git

Title - Artist

Codex 041301 - Joe Limbus
Triple Chrome Dipped - Michna
Swiss Glide - Michna
Believe In It - Michna
Over The River - High Llamas, The
End On Tick Tock - High Llamas, The
Didball - High Llamas, The
Aquaman, Go! - Chewbacca's Sac
Main Sequence Diffusion / Photon / Lajolla (Limbic Interference Mix) - Fuxa
Soul Killer (Remote Control Mix) - Material
Smile - Levitation
Hallogallo (Live) - Hallogallo 2010
Silberstreif (Live) - Hallogallo 2010
Aroma Club B3 (Live) - Hallogallo 2010
Circle - Some Velvet Sidewalk
Recurring Dreams - Hüsker Dü
Limbo - Boom Boom Satellites
Panic - Ikara Colt
May B 1 Day #1 - Ikara Colt
Search And Destroy - Peaches

September 14, 2017 07:55 PM PDT

1 1. Chadeth

Title - Artist

Only A Rose, Pt. 1 (Limbic Pesticide Mix) - MC Honky!
Safe Alive (mixed by Rick Bafaro and Greg Reely) - Genika
Drunk High And Getting By - Divine Library Invasion
Her 200 Bones - Russell Mills / Undark
La Guerre Est Finie - Pizzicato Five
The World's Spinning At 45 R.P.M. - Pizzicato Five
The Earth Goes Around - Pizzicato Five
LOUDLAND! - Pizzicato Five
War Pigs (Instrumental) - Black Sabbath
Heavy Is As Heavy Does - Menomena
Trasher - Hooded Fang
Croatia - Leæther Strip
Full Circle R.P.S. (No. 7) - Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit
Bel Air - Can
Movie Finale - Madlib - Beat Konducta
Raw Tranquility Pt. 3 - Madlib - Beat Konducta
Freeze - Madlib - Beat Konducta

September 12, 2017 06:55 PM PDT

Dog mutant. Chadeth

Title - Artist

Codex 041201 - Joe Limbus
Somnabula (Mutant Mix) - Ben Neill
Cow - Far-Out Son Of Lucy
A Passive Disaster - KEN Mode
Failing At Fun Since 1981 - KEN Mode
Atomic Clock - Monster Magnet
Goliath And The Vampires - Monster Magnet
You Must Learn All Night Long (SWAMP Mix) - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Gershwin's Summertime - Robert Lafond & Symfunny Orchestra
Grinding Process - Melvins
Blockbuster - Melvins
Billy Fish - Melvins
Dog Island - Melvins
Dies Iraea - Melvins
Tattva - Kula Shaker
Cycles - Mess Of It All
Independence Day - LCD
Star Trek - Loop Guru
Brass Ligaments, Skylark Incendiaries - Bjarnsreicht
Grave11 - Model for Assembl
Speculative Diagnostics - Dreaming Corpse, The
3 - 2 - Moth Bucket
VNLFXN - Monskor
Inner Space Discovery - Kim Fowley

September 06, 2017 06:54 PM PDT

The jewel all wacky. Tohu

Title - Artist

The Wacky Misadventures Of Mother Nature - Tape Monster
Bleeding_Finger_Squad - Tape Monster
The Scrapyard That Is The End Of The World - Tape Monster
SIGAD US​-​984XN (eroctech) - Black Penguins, The
Jewel (Extended Version) - Cranes
Clear (Ring Tailed Snorter Mix) - Cranes
Echo Sam - Holy Fuck
Safari - Holy Fuck
Choppers - Holy Fuck
Maddaddy - Pepe Deluxé
X And Y - Moving Units
Oriar - Heron Oblivion
Preparation For Battle - Call Florence Pow
Tension (Live) - Killing Joke
Keep It Gold - Maserati
All Wrong - Morphine
Ear Violation - E-Coli
Fuck Me In The Ass (E. Coli glitch mix) - E-Coli
I Love My Food (E. Coli nightmare mix) - E-Coli
Psy - Gangam Style (E. Coli nightmare remix) - E-Coli
The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo (E. Coli slowed & throwed remix) - E-Coli
Courtney Love Is A Dirty Cunt - E-Coli
I beat my wife...with my drums - E-Coli
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present - Jazz Butcher, The
Killing (For Your Sampling Kit) - KMFDM
Oh Shit - KMFDM

September 04, 2017 06:47 PM PDT

Explosive lair. Tohu

Title - Artist

Codex 041101 - Joe Limbus
I Hate the Kids - Hot Snakes
'88 aka Come Down On Me - Lemon Jelly
'68 aka Only Time - Lemon Jelly
'93 aka Don't Stop Now - Lemon Jelly
Shortwave - Matthew Dear
Monkey - Matthew Dear
We Have Explosive (Pt. 1) - Future Sound Of London, The
We Have Explosive (Pt. 2) - Future Sound Of London, The
We Have Explosive (Pt. 3) - Future Sound Of London, The
We Have Explosive (Pt. 4) - Future Sound Of London, The
We Have Explosive (Pt. 5) - Future Sound Of London, The
The Galaxial Pharmaceutical - Future Sound Of London, The
I'm A Swinger - Marina Swingers, The
Pre-Nuptial Agreement - Marina Swingers, The
AquaMan-Ish - Arttek
Hear My Train A-Comin' - Arttek
The Quatermass Phenomenon - Man Or Astroman?
Eric Estrotica (Live In Space) - Man Or Astroman?
Esso Station (Marmite Blues) - Patrick Porter
Whispers - Spider Rockets
Doom's Lair (Limbic Despair Mix) - Hedvig Mollestad Trio

August 31, 2017 09:18 PM PDT

Mix god. It

Title - Artist

I Don't Need God - Greater Than One
Ignorance Is The Agent Of Fear - Greater Than One
Release The Doctor - African Head Charge
Introduction - Kinks, The
The Contenders - Kinks, The
Hello Time Bomb - Matthew Good Band
LSD - Hawkwind
Blue Shift - Hawkwind
Death Of War - Hawkwind
Superball - Dub Narcotic Sound System
Isotopal Reg - Dub Narcotic Sound System
Rot Gut - Dub Narcotic Sound System
Make America Great Again - Pussy Riot
Takin' My Time - Mark Growden
Who's Afraid Of Retrograde - King Chubby
Close Your Eyes (Mansion House Mix) - Brice
Shame - Ceschi
It's Obvious - Au Pairs
Kerb Crawler - Au Pairs
Young Guns - Popa Chubby
The Host - Built To Spill
In Your Mind - Built To Spill
Bless You - Hush Arbors
Refried Beans - Ursula
Prom Song - Ursula
President Garfield's Spaghetti Intestines - Ursula
Ocean - Ursula
Cub Scout - Ursula
Dirge - Ursula
Cavegrrl - Ursula
Upside Down (Extended) - Portion Control

August 28, 2017 07:22 PM PDT

Auto-Haze rock. It

Title - Artist

Codex 041001 - Joe Limbus
Brain Born Outside Of It's Head (Limbic Cortex Mix) - Gutbucket
Lobster Building - Uncle Monsterface
Face At The Window - Gaye Bykers On Acid
Don't Be Human Eric - Let's Be Frank - Gaye Bykers On Acid
Almost Lost My Mind - Sparklehorse
Midget In A Junkyard - Sparklehorse
Dead Opera Star - Sparklehorse
Cow - Sparklehorse
Little Bastard Choo Choo - Sparklehorse
Hammering The Cramps - Sparklehorse
Heart Of Darkness (Wiggly) - Sparklehorse
Mela's Magic Gift - Gary Hassay and Janet Young
Kruspolska (Sasha Remix) - Hedningarna
Everything Is Best - Industrial Tepee
Auto-Haze - Godzuki
12X - Godzuki
Do The Sputnic - Godzuki
Phadrea - Evil Sword
Waiting - Evil Sword
Eating - Evil Sword
The Eyes - Evil Sword
Worm - Evil Sword
Kowalski (Adrian Sherwood Dub) - Primal Scream
Come Out The Wilderness (Live) - His Name Is Alive
The Great Nothing - Iron Lung Corp.
Chemikaze - Iron Lung Corp.
Frozen Shallow - Iron Lung Corp.
July Morning - Uriah Heep
High Priestess - Uriah Heep
Shadows Of Grief - Uriah Heep
Rock Song - Fuzzy

August 16, 2017 08:32 PM PDT

Liquid lost warriors endless mercury. Violent ghouls introlightenment. 4̢̨̦̭̳͇͍̲̪͎̔̈͑͋͆̒̓̈́̑̄0̙̣̪̦̠͚̯̔͛͋͛́͌̓̇̋͜͢ͅ9̡͕͓͚̈́̇̒̆̄̎͊́͡ͅ

Title - Artist

Outer Land (Part One) - Spike
Spikes Groove - Spike
Liquid Sole Shoe - Hilt
No Crack On Junk St. - Hilt
Magic Labyrinth - Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol
Lost - Treepeople
Transitional Devices - Treepeople
Ashes Is White - Pocahaunted
Ayatollah Ya So - Psychic Warriors
One Minute Of Love - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Aunt Flo - Bleeders
Top Dollar Speaks His Mind - Endless Boogie
Bronx Cheer - Mercury Rev
Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp - Mercury Rev
Downs Are Feminine Balloons - Mercury Rev
The Girl Says: Ketamine Change My Life - Pagale
Untitled #3 - Hexenkopf
Untitled #4 - Hexenkopf
Discomen - DJ Doktor Megatrip & Mista Luv
Tune In (Greedy Beat Syndicate Remix) - Psychic TV
Violent - Faint, The
Rym Jim - Suburban White Males
O Hank - Nocht The Only Ghouls
AKA Guan (Live) - Nocht The Only Ghouls
Otso McMahon (Live) - Nocht The Only Ghouls
The Fish Reindeer (Live) - Nanette Smith
Introlightenment - Chewbacca's Sac

August 14, 2017 07:29 PM PDT

Orthopedic pigeon. Limbic man. 4̢̨̦̭̳͇͍̲̪͎̔̈͑͋͆̒̓̈́̑̄0̙̣̪̦̠͚̯̔͛͋͛́͌̓̇̋͜͢ͅ9̡͕͓͚̈́̇̒̆̄̎͊́͡ͅ

Title - Artist

Codex 040901 - Joe Limbus
A Big 10-8 Place Part Two (180-G) - Negativland
Song Of Spheres 1 - Orthopedic Orchestra
Yuppy Conqueror - Future Pigeon
High Rolling - Future Pigeon
Atom Smasher Dub - Future Pigeon
Southern Man (Live) - Gov't Mule
In The Middle Of Their First Recording Session The Fugs Sign The Worst Contract Since Leadbelly's - Fugs, The
Ravel's Bolero (Limbic Ballet Mix) - Robert Lafond & Symfunny Orchestra
Plash - Takako Minekawa
Emanate - Hassay / Parker / Carter

August 10, 2017 06:18 PM PDT

Fantastic flights and gates 8. Zath

Title - Artist

11 Mustachioed Daughters (Live) - Vivian Stanshall & biG Grunt ‎
Starcastic - Enon
Much Love In The Evil Sound - Diet Kong
Honolulu Calcutta (The Angel Remix) - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Fantastic Plastic World (Voice 'N' Baroque) - Fantastic Plastic Machine
The Girl Next Green Door (DJ Me DJ You Mix) - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Spread Eagle Beagle - Melvins
Foaming - Melvins
Set Me Straight - Melvins
Blues For Suckers - Fun Lovin' Criminals
Ripeness - Echo & The Bunnymen
Nite Flights - Fatima Mansions
Gabe The Shapeshifter - External
Little Caesar's Is Free After Midnight - External
Frog And Toad - External
Lock Yourself In - External
deadfriends (So Much For Best Friends cover) - External
4,000 Dollars And Insignificant - External
Interlude (To 199X) - External
Gemstones And Plain Rocks - External
Disoriented And Un(Happy-Comfortable-) - External
Upstairs - pige0nh0le
Witness The Change - Pete Shelley
Gates - Forma Tadre
The Tin Man - Grasscut
All We Export - Hanna Barbarians, The
You | Devil | Me - Hanna Barbarians, The
Papua New Guinea - Future Sound Of London, The
Moscow - Future Sound Of London, The
1 In 8 - Future Sound Of London, The

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