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Liber Limbia
Liber Limbia airs every Saturday 8pm-12am EST (2pm-6pm HST) on Radio Alchemy - Big Island Internet Radio. Check us out here: http://radioalchemykona.com
Category: Freeform
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by Liber Limbia
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January 16, 2019 06:30 PM PST

Sneaky mystical replenish. Upsoars

Title - Artist

Pies in My Eyes Over You - Lefty Jones Band
92 Angels (Brain Dead Version) - Doug Hilbert
Folk Death 95 - Mogwai
I Chase Horses - Mogwai
George Square Thatcher Death Party - Mogwai
Emergency Trap - Mogwai
Replenish - Mogwai
Sheep (Live) - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade
Pigs On The Wing 2 (Live) - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade
Buzzards Of Green Hill - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade
Na - Youko Heidy
Sneaky Glass Face - 40 Grit
In The Eye Of The Beholder (For Rhys) - Band Of Susans
Sermon On Competition, Part 1 (Nothing Is Recoupable) - Band Of Susans
Dedicated To No More Humanity - Natihil
Choke Kojak - Natihil
High Hopes - Natihil
Public Death Sport - Natihil
Mouth Full Of Nothing - Natihil
Alienate - Natihil
I Am Coming For You - Natihil
Crystallized Meth - Pigeon Religion
Great Hosannah - Kula Shaker
Mystical Machine Gun - Kula Shaker
Theme For Great Cities - Simple Minds
Billtown Bells - Daywand
The Setting Sun - Daywand
Chime - Danielle Notaro
Farmer's Feet - Joe Limbus

January 14, 2019 06:43 PM PST

Sensational jumpin'. Upsoars

Title - Artist

Codex 047701 - Joe Limbus
9thring - Jed Hershon
Strange Voices - Strange Voices
Crooked Axis For String Quartet - Earth
Jumpin' The Turnstyles (Scratch Mix) - Alms For The Poor
Xenolith - Dimesland
Postcard - Hailer
Blind Me Again - A Swirl In Limbo
Suspect - Dead Tenants
Ten Dead Ants - Dead Tenants
America (Limbic State Mix) - Allen Ginsberg
St. Anthony - Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The
Bird Is Broken (Won't Sing) - Indian Jewelry
Hocus Pocus - Focus
(You Never See A Nipple In The) Daily Express (Live) - John Cooper Clarke
At A Later Date (Live) - Joy Division
Jettisoned - Weed Demon
Dissecting the Cadaver (Pathological Mix) - All Signs of Those Who Left
Monster In My Pocket - Dead In Japan

January 09, 2019 07:27 PM PST

Dope remains the orchestra obscura. Thou

Title - Artist

Camera Obscura - Brume
Nazi Noises Fuck Off - Rune
August 29, 1997 - Bloom
Never On Sunday - Ventures, The
Battlehooch - Battlehooch
Seattle Size - Dope Smoothie
Chevettes, Gremlins & Saabs - Dope Smoothie
Sea Cow - Dope Smoothie
Tasa's House - Dope Smoothie
Control Panel - Foma
J.M. Sebastian - Foma
The Cockroach Remains - Foma
Another Day In Paradise - Foma
Departure - Foma
Tearing Up The Plans (Pt. 2) (Limbic Destruction Mix) - 23 Skidoo
Write It In A Book - Black And White Years, The
Pure - Golden Palominos, The
No Skin - Golden Palominos, The
Gun - Golden Palominos, The
Dark Angel - Les Vegas
Water World - Les Vegas
The Monochrome Set - Monochrome Set, The
Mr. Bizarro - Monochrome Set, The
Hounds of Love - Antonella Porcelluzzi feat. Vaders Orchestra
Roger Whittaker - Awkward Geisha
Orincointencia - Albert Negredo
Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles - Flaming Lips, The
Placebo Headwound - Flaming Lips, The
This Here Giraffe - Flaming Lips, The

January 07, 2019 06:37 PM PST

Blues für useless essential sound. Thou

Title - Artist

Codex 047601 - Joe Limbus
Attic Lights - Atlas Sound
Shelia - Atlas Sound
Quick Canal - Atlas Sound
Love In Your Head - Black Box Revelation, The
Gravity Blues - Black Box Revelation, The
Oregano Flow (Instrumental Mix) (Limbic Placebo Mix) - Digital Underground
Bigfoot Coming - Tom Beaulieu
The Pyramid Island - Tom Beaulieu
Nothin - Tom Beaulieu
Untitled III - Hillsgoteyes
Ein Köder für die Bestie - Der Smogwürger
Order Ov Borderline Personality - Wu Lian
Alabama Sunshine - Rapture, The
Rise (DFA Remix) - Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) - Swingin' Medallions, The
A Day Such As This (Live) - David Thomas And His Legs
Totally Useless - Psykik Volts
Do The European - Stranglers, The
Choosey Suzie - Stranglers, The
White Room - Stranglers, The
Straighten Out - Stranglers, The
Yellowcake UF6 - Stranglers, The
Aerosol Burns - Essential Logic
World Friction - Essential Logic
Tout Petit La Planete - Plastic Bertrand
Slow Death - Flamin' Groovies
Tallahassee Lassie - Flamin' Groovies

December 25, 2018 12:47 PM PST

Disrupted Santa. Rore

Title - Artist

Beat Of 2 (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Palais Schaumburg
Guru Guru Ltd. - Guru Guru
Winter Wonderland/Misty Mountain Hop - Fleming & John
Ignoring The Famine - Hula
Me And Thumbelina - Fugazi
Mother Nature On A Bender (Pt. 1) - Gray Dank Weed King
Oh Little Town Of Deathlehem - Killdozer
Dirty Equation (Xmas Mix) - Dirty Three Dirty
We Four Kings (Little Drummer Boy) - Blue Hawaiians, The
Let It Frost - Ergo Phizmiz (PLC)
There's Another Santa Claus - Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
There's A Santa Who Looks A Lot Like Elvis - Bob Rivers
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer / Here Comes Santa Claus - SANTA WEARS BOOTS
Ought Not (Naughty List) - CONVIVIAL CANNIBAL CLAN
Santa's Rape Music part lll (the John Fatso remix) - SLIM TOMMY
Santa Dog - ORRORINZ
Frosen Pine's Wonderful Christmas Time - Frosen Pine
I Saw Lawrence Kissing Santa Claus - Satanicpornocultshop
Merry Xmas Dave - E13
Disrupted Silence - Samarobryn
Charlie Brown Cut Up - Colossus
The Twelve Days Of Xmas - Winston Tong

December 23, 2018 06:21 PM PST

Fireside greetings. Rore

Title - Artist

Codex 047501 - Joe Limbus
The Paper Street Blues Intro - Fireside Blues, The
Mother Upduff (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Can
Seasoned Greetings (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Residents, The
Lebenszeichen (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Die Unschuldigen Kadetten
True Love (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Pyrolator
Kleine-Schlager Revue (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Der Plan
The Stripper (Christmas 1985 Mix) - "Bald" Bill Hagan And His Trocaderons
Beirut (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Konstruktivits
Weapon Training (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Throbbing Gristle
Kalter Rauch (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Tangerine Dream
War Games (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Lovin' Spoonful, The featuring Joe Butler
Gummitwist (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Der Plan
Aqua (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Edgar Froese
Good Samaritan (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Killing Joke
Banishing / Invocation / Flashing / Stifling (Christmas 1985 Mix) - 23 Skidoo
Santa Eulogy (Christmas 1985 Mix) - Bob Massey / Bach
In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) (Christmas 1985 Mix) - David Lynch & Alan R. Splet

December 19, 2018 08:10 PM PST

My simple dead wolfman sound cube. Father Tim methadone hair. Da'ath

Title - Artist

09102018 (Live) - Black Cube Angel
Quiet Houses - Fleet Foxes
Get Out Of My Mix (Special Dance Version) - Dolby's Cube
Origin... - Father Of Sin
Original Sin - Father Of Sin
Remurdered - Mogwai
Rano Pano (Tim Hecker Remix) - Mogwai
Master Card - Mogwai
Soundtrack For Every Heaven - Simple Minds
Incantation (Methadone Dub) - Delerium
我らは王女 = We Are The Princesses - キム ゴードン* = Kim Gordon / DJ オリーブ* = DJ Olive / イクエ モリ* = Ikue Mori
Spasticus Autisticus - Ian Dury
G.I.D. - Gauntlet Hair
You Can't Hurt You Anymore - Clinic
Lockjaw - Dead Tenants
Gadfly - Dead Tenants
Oversight - Dead Tenants
Void (Acknowledgement) - Dead Tenants
Void - Dead Tenants
Psychedelic Electrician (Scene 4) - Twink
Wolfman Jack - Todd Rundgren
1 In 8 - Future Sound Of London, The
Pulse State - Future Sound Of London, The
Central Industrial - Future Sound Of London, The
Board Meeting (Seen Through A Contract Lense) - Robert Calvert
The Song Of The Gremlin (Part One) - Robert Calvert

December 17, 2018 06:07 PM PST

Line people. Motel lips. Da'ath

Title - Artist

Codex 047401 - Joe Limbus
Prototype (HECQ) - Front Line Assembly
Leveled (Slighter) - Front Line Assembly
Fuck Fuck Fuck - Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear
Ditch - Shlohmo
Plastic People - Four Tet
Planet Of The Cows (Limbic Milkmaid Mix) - Merzbow
Brighter - Cranes
The Rarity Of Experience Part 2 - Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Bound And Burned - Ciril
Hell Fell Down Again - Ciril
Your Lips - Ciril
Drains Quickly - Ciril
Injected - Ciril
Huntington Cliffs - Ciril
Domination - Ciril
The Grip - Ciril
Broken Window - Ciril
Death Is Gone - Ciril
Full Of Salt - Ciril
Blood - Ciril
Burning Heart Stops - Ciril
Army - Ciril
Time Is Running Out - Ciril
Return To Sanity - Andromeda

December 13, 2018 07:21 PM PST

The agitated holographic holy narcotic unicorn bung bin. Bearers

Title - Artist

Ich Bin - En Esch
The B Side Song - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Slightly Overcooked - Gekkering
Agitated Carnie - Gekkering
Another Grey in Paradigm (Live) - Claustronaut
What Is Love? (Holographic Goatee Mix) - Deee-Lite
Calling Kyle - Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel
Rancor - Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel
First "That Song," Then "Lo Ha," Now This... - Bad Hand, The
Harvester Traveler - Dub Narcotic Sound System
The Root Of All Evil (Bring Me The Head Of Bob Larsen) - Electric Hellfire Club, The
Regarding Automatic Lessons On VHS - Three Horned Unicorn
If Everything Is Relative Then We Are Built On Glass Spines In Shattered Bodies Touched By The Stem Of The Sycophantical Parasitism - Three Horned Unicorn
Augments Under Arguments - Three Horned Unicorn
Wiff a Ball and Mitt​ (Live) - Allegoric Misanthropical Orchestra, The
Bung - Midfield General
Kerosene - Big Black

December 10, 2018 07:14 PM PST

What tension? Bearers

Title - Artist

Codex 047301 - Joe Limbus
Sky Yen Part 2 - Pete Shelley
Witness The Change - Pete Shelley
I Don't Know What It Is - Pete Shelley
Homosapien (Elongated Dancepartydubmix) - Pete Shelley
(Millions Of People) No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won't Say No) (Dub Mix) - Pete Shelley
What Was Heaven? - Pete Shelley
Strange Things - Buzzcocks
Why Can't I Touch It? - Buzzcocks
Money - Buzzcocks
Hollow Inside - Buzzcocks
A Different Kind Of Tension - Buzzcocks
I Believe - Buzzcocks
Autonomy - Buzzcocks
Something's Gone Wrong Again - Buzzcocks
Sitting Round At Home - Buzzcocks
You Say You Don't Love Me - Buzzcocks
Just Lust - Buzzcocks
Are Everything - Buzzcocks
What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) - Buzzcocks
Everybody's Happy Nowadays - Buzzcocks
Harmony In My Head - Buzzcocks
Time's Up (Live) - Buzzcocks

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